We apply a set of principles when investing, coupled with common sense and a deep analysis of each target. No two investments are alike and they are rarely prone to box ticking. Investing our own funds and those of trusted investors, we are not bound by dogmatic rules or limitations and are able to swiftly make decisions. We are flexible and pragmatic when it comes to transaction structures.

  • We are active investors. We hence look for majority stakes or such that allow a real influence on the business.We invest in situations where we are convinced that our capital and, equally important, our competence and experience can make a difference and contribute to a meaningful improvement of results and further growth, thus leading to substantial value appreciation. We are not interested in passive investments.
  • We know how to and want to cooperate with entrepreneurs, founders or management teams and have the experience it takes to be good partners. Where needed, we are also able to swiftly put strong management teams on the ground.
  • We are looking for companies with substantial growth potential, but are also ready to invest in companies which have encountered distress and are in need of restructuring. Such cases call for flexibility and pragmatism and we are able to rapidly close transactions and equip companies with funds enabling them to continue operating and grow.
  • We invest in small and mid-size firms, usually with sales between PLN 10 and 50 million, but also gladly engage in smaller companies with strong potential. We are likewise willing to fund select business concepts at seed level.
  • We do not restrict our investments to predefined industries. However, we always assess whether we have the right experience and competence to meaningfully support each case.
  • We are open to coinvestments. The only condition we set is maintaining an active role in the venture.
  • We invest in Poland. Our portfolio companies, however, are often active also internationally.

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